JULY 2018

On standby for an RSK shelter pilot project

RSK emergency shelter

We now have enough funds for a small pilot of 200 emergency RSKs. If we can secure a donation of tarpaulins we could increase this to 500 emergency shelters.

We would like to use this pilot to assist in any country where

this emergency shelter may be needed. If you are an organisation that needs shelter assistance and can maybe help us with monitoring and evaluation of this pilot please contact Shaun Halbert for more information.

Tel:+44 7970 106 786

MAY 2018

RSK training for MSF staff Bangladesh

Double RSK shelter nears completion

Doctors discuss RSK shelter options next to MSF tent

In May 2018, at the invitation of MSF, we set up an RSK shelter training course for staff at a field hospital 10Km south of Kutupolong refugee camp in Cox's Bazar.

During the 4 hour practical course the participants built single and double RSK emergency shelters and also a double elevated RSK transitional shelter. The doctors that inspected the shelter were particularly interested to discuss the potential use of the modular RSK units for emergency wards as one of their nearby bamboo hospitals had suffered storm damage and flooding that required patient evacuation.

The RSK may have a future application in assisting field hospitals where rapid assembly of cooler, well ventilated shelters are needed that are easier to keep clean than split bamboo lattice roof structures.

Shaun Halbert

RSK Director

APRIL 2018

Bamboo stretcher assistance for MSF

Bamboo stretcher trials at Kutupulong refugee camp

We assisted MSF trials to demonstrate how a tarpaulin could be folded around two bamboo poles to make a stretcher.

The bamboo poles and tarpaulin in the RSK shelter kit can also be used to make a stretcher for carrying debilitated family members or possesions in an emergency.