Students in Northern Shan build their own RSK shelter model.

" To provide a new method of emergency shelter construction, the bamboo RSK, that will empower displaced families and aid agencies to better prepare and respond to disasters worldwide "

We plan to achieve this goal by:

1. Setting up further RSK disaster preparedness training programs for communities at risk.

This has worked well in Myanmar where the RSK lightweight kits, easily moved, are needed for families displaced by recurring floods.

2. Training field staff of shelter organisations to build and use the emergency and transitional RSK shelters for large scale disaster responses.

We already have a well proven format for this RSK training in UK, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh.

3. Using the education system, particularly primary and secondary school teaching, to widely disseminate the reciprocal frame concept behind the RSK shelter.

This is yet to start. We have detailed plans available that will help to ensure countries at risk from natural or man made hazards have the knowledge to build their own emergency or transitional shelter when needed.