We now have funding for a small pilot of 200 emergency RSKs.

This can be increased to 500 emergency shelters if we can secure a donation for further tapaulins.


The pilot will monitor and evaluate the utility of the RSK shelters to the beneficiaryfamilies in the short, medium or long term as required.

Contact us for full details of these objectives.


We would like to use this pilot to assist in a country where either emergency RSK shelter kits or transitional shelters are needed.

This includes situations where families need temporary shelter while rebuilding their homes.


S.Halbert, Director of the RSK Shelter Charity, will oversee the procurement, transportation and erection of the shelters.

This will follow a well tested format that we have used for over 4 years in four countries..


Shelter organisations and groups actively providing shelters are invited to take part in the program.

Our partners can assist with all aspects of the program but will be particularly encouraged to take part in the monitoring and evaluation that will be required.

Full RSK shelter training will be given to all staff.


We have found that beneficiary families feel empowered to assist with the buiding of their own personal RSK shelter after a simple demonstration of the roof frame.

This will enable us to focus on the quality of build checks and give advice on the repair and maintenance of the completed shelters.


If your organisation needs shelter assistance now or in the near future please contact

Shaun Halbert for full details of this pilot program. Tel:+44 7970 106 786